PRI 2016: Nostrum Energy Feeds Our Drive For Fuel Injection

IMG_4867GRIf you’re not familiar with the folks at Nostrum Energy, allow us to introduce them to you. Fuel injection is the name of the game for Nostrum, and their angle is making custom-spec’d fuel injectors and fuel pumps. Whether you’re in need of a set of custom fuel injectors for a direct injection engine like the EcoBoost and EcoTec variants, or you own a high horsepower Coyote Mustang, Nostrum can develop the last fuel injection components you’ll ever need.

Among many applications available, the '11-'17 5.0-liter Coyote V8 was a popular choice for Nostrum.

Among many applications available, the ’11-’17 5.0-liter Coyote V8 was a popular choice for Nostrum.

“We’re a custom fuel injector manufacturer,” said Sam Barros of Nostrum. “We have a pattern on jet-to-jet collision technology. Our fuel injectors have multiple jets of fuel, as they’re all aimed towards the central focal point. The jets collide and then they break up into a very fine mist after their collision,”

Barros continued by explaining that all of its injectors are spray targeted and that they use CFD software to simulate the air path through the intake port into the cylinder. “We use this information to design the spray pattern so that they are guided down into the back of the intake valve, without splashing onto the intake port walls,” Barros said.

Other applications include vehicles from Mitsubishi, Nissan, GM/LS, and Ford. Of those applications, direct injection is included.

Interested in a set of custom fuel injectors for yourself? Head over to Nostrum Energy‘s website and check out what’s available for your application today. For everything from mild-to-wild, Nostrum should be able to cover you with ease.

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