PRI 2017: Manley’s Turbo Tuff Rods Are Upgraded For Toughness

The Turbo Tuff connecting rod design offered by Manley Performance Products is no doubt a winner; the product has been used in numerous record-setting engines over the years and is considered one of the best available to the sport compact community. So how do you make it better?

“We’ve upgraded our entire Turbo Tuff line to our Tri-Beam design, which has been super-successful in the GT-R and 2JZ world,” says Manley’s Tom Razzano.

“As an added service, we just upgraded the whole line, which includes our Subaru and BRZ engine applications and the Mitsubishi 4G63. The Tri-Beam connecting rod design has additional machining and it has been proven to be better in Finite Element Analysis.”

In some cases, the upgrade to the new Tri-Beam configuration has allowed the company to lighten up the finished product while retaining the strength, which means the racer wins with a better product.

The Tri-Beam Turbo Tuff connecting rods are forged from 4340 aircraft-quality vacuum degassed steel, shot peened, and individually magnafluxed during the manufacturing process to ensure material quality. 3/8-inch fasteners are used throughout the majority of the product line.

Due to the higher-horsepower capabilities of the GT-R platform when high levels of boost are used to pump up the VR38DETT engine, these applications use a stronger 300M alloy material, and stronger, larger 7/16-inch fastener at the big end of the connecting rod.

If you are curious about more details on Manley’s Turbo Tuff connecting rod line and are thinking about using them in your build, then stay tuned right here to EngineLabs in the coming weeks, because we’ve got a full rundown on them already in the works.

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