SEMA 2017: Comp’s FSL LS Camshaft & Micro Surface Enhancement

COMP Cams is eager to talk about their all-new camshaft design for the L99 GM engine. This cam design has already picked up the award for Best New Performance Street Product award at the show, and it’s easy to see why.

“It’s a 50-state legal, emissions-certified camshaft that can go right into the engine,” says COMP’s Mark Campbell.

“It’s a 30 to 50-horsepower upgrade with no computer programming required and is an absolute awesome deal. Since so much stuff now has to be emissions-legal, this is the perfect solution for somebody that wants to maintain all of that and get the advantages of more engine power. It’s a plug-and-play deal. We have the one part number right now, but as time goes on we plan to expand the line.”

This is the first performance aftermarket camshaft in two decades to pass the CARB E.O. process, which is an impressive feat in its own right. It is designed to work with the factory Variable Valve Timing system and even features compatibility with the Active Fuel Management system by using unique profiles for switching and non-switching cylinders.

COMP also had cams treated with their new Micro Surface Enhancement (MSE) process on-hand. MSE is a finishing step to the manufacturing process that enhances the camshaft lobe and bearing faces.

“This is one of the most revolutionary things we’ve come up with in a long time as far as camshaft technology goes. It increases the load bearing area on the camshaft by about 250 percent, and by helping to spread out the load, it improves camshaft life as well,” says Campbell.

By improving the camshaft surface peak roughness by 65-percent with MSE, Campbell says COMP will be able to develop more aggressive profiles. The process is now standard on all of COMP’s GM LS camshafts.


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