PRI 2017: Rock Out With T&D Machine’s New Gen III Hemi Rocker Arms


Horsepower and racers have the same thing in common, they both have the ability to find the weakest link in an engine and can smash it to tiny bits. The rocker arms on the new Gen III Hemi engines are known to be a weak point in the valvetrain, so the team at T&D Machine Products stepped in to fix the problem. The new Gen III Hemi Rocker Arms improve the valvetrain and can take the serious abuse any racer can deal out.

Since most of the end users of this kit will really be leaning on their Gen III Hemi, T&D made sure to make the rocker arms out of sturdy 4130 billet chromoly. The rocker arms are made with adjuster screws that allow for full adjustability, and are mounted on a one-piece bar that ties the entire cylinder head together while keeping everything in place.

Brad Rounds from T&D is able to add some more details on just how hardcore these Hemi rocker arms really are. “This rocker arm system is for those racers who have to do maintenance on their engine’s valvetrain like checking springs and so on. We put all the rockers on individual shafts, so if you need to service just one you don’t have to take everything apart.”

The Gen III Hemi Rocker Arms come as a kit with everything you need to get the rocker arms on your heads. All you have to do is get the correct size pushrods and have the cylinder head machined for the new bar system. After that, it’s just a matter of bolting on the rocker arms and going racing!

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