SEMA 2017: Moroso’s New Air/Oil Separators And More

With roots that stretch back to the beginnings of the hot rod culture, Moroso Performance Products has paved the way to the winner’s circle for legions of racers over the last several decades.

As part of that heritage, the company has a massive research and development effort which is always dreaming up and engineering new products for its customers. Frank Thibodeau was excited to tell us what’s happening for the upcoming year during SEMA 2017.

One item Thibodeau was excited to talk about was the ever-expanding lineup of air-oil separators. As PCV systems clash with performance engines, a cottage industry of sorts has sprung up to help enthusiasts keep the oil vapors–which can potentially lower fuel octane if they get into the chamber–out of their engines.

“Air/oil separators are great for the late-model guy with a high-performance car, an import car, a Hellcat, or GT500, Camaro, whatever. We have an air/oil separator system for that to get rid of the oil that would normally go back into the crankcase and decrease fuel octane. You want to get that out of the intake and the air/oil separator systems do a great job of that,” says Thibodeau.

They feature billet-aluminum bodies, internal baffling, and mesh filtration media to help the oil drop to the bottom of the chamber and let the air pass through.

“We’re always adding to our product line; if you don’t have new products, you’re missing out on the market. This year we have 138 new products, some of which are our core product, like valve covers, oil pans, and coolant tanks,” he says. “We have a new trick LS wire set in a variety of colors and billet LS valve covers which offer a good seal for running vacuum pumps or dry sump systems.”

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