SEMA 2023: Magnuson Now Offers “Maggie” Dual Throttle Body System

Back in 2017, Magnuson Superchargers brought its rowdy sixth-gen Camaro SS to the SEMA Show sporting one of its 2650 superchargers with an eye-catching dual throttle body setup sticking through the hood. Known as “Maggie”, the Camaro was easily recognizable with its bright red blower in plain sight and the Magnuson Superchargers livery covering every inch of the car’s exterior. Although the dual-throttle body setup was originally intended to be an attention-getter at shows and not for sale, things have come full circle after Maggie experienced a wild journey and Magnuson decided to offer the same supercharger and dual-throttle body setup to the masses.

In early 2022 Maggie was stolen from the Magnuson Superchargers facility in the Detroit metro area in Michigan. Thankfully the Camaro was lost for only a short period of time. The things that made it stand out among other cars – the bold graphics, parachute, and the 2650 supercharger with dual-throttle bodies – are ultimately what helped people spot the Camaro and get it returned to Magnuson quickly with very minor damage.

To celebrate Maggie’s return home and the interest in its supercharger setup, Magnuson is offering the same dual-throttle body system Maggie is known for. The Dual Throttle Boy Inlet System (part number 31-23-05-067-RD) is designed to be added to either the Magnuson TVS2650 LS3/LSA Hot Rod Supercharger Kit (part number 05-00-26-153-BL) or the LS7 TVS2650R Mag Drag Racing Package (part number 01-26-59-013-BL).

The Dual Throttle Body Inlet System includes the inlet that the throttle bodies bolt to along with all necessary silicone hoses and clamps. For the included throttle body flutes you can choose either raw aluminum, as Maggie has, or red anodizing, however, the system does not include the throttle bodies themselves. The system is designed to accept dual 90 mm LS3 throttle bodies for massive airflow potential. The final component that is needed is a controller like the Race Boss Dual/Multi Throttle Body Controller from Dash Logic to make the two throttle bodies work in unison.

If you want to install a Magnuson 2650 supercharger on your LS engine and like standing out from the crowd, then the Dual Throttle Body Inlet System is worth consideration. For more information and to order yours, visit Magnuson Superchargers.

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