PRI 2022: Make Big Power With Vortech’s V-30 131 Superchargers

If you’ve got your eye on running at the front of the highest levels of no prep or radial racing, a healthy power adder is a must-have item. Many racers have turned to boost via a centrifugal supercharger in these classes to gain an edge. Vortech Superchargers has developed its V-30 131 line of superchargers for top-level no prep and radial racing applications.

The name of the game when it comes to making big horsepower with a centrifugal supercharger is efficiency. Vortech approached the V-30 131 line of superchargers with the goal of creating ultra-efficient units that could move plenty of air. The impeller and volute designs received special attention to assist with the efficiency goals. Vortech also incorporated its Diverging Diffusion Technology (DDT) into the V-30 131 superchargers. A V-30 131 supercharger can have its operating range adjusted to work with a specific combination or application using DDT.

Vortech’s Lance Keck talks about why the V-30 131 is a great fit for heads-up racing. “Racers competing in high-level no prep racing should look at the V-131 supercharger since makes good power at both ends of the track. For Pro 275 and LDR class racing, we’d recommend the V-131 as well provided the engine combination is a good fit for the supercharger. The V-131 is great for these classes because it’s a very efficient supercharger. The efficiency really helps on the bottom half of the race track. The amount of air it can flow is what helps it at the top end.”

You can learn more about Vortech’s V-30 131 superchargers right here on the company’s website.

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