PRI 2023: Harts Turbo Unleashes Its Massive H3 Series Turbos

At the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis, Indiana, we had a chance to stop by the Harts Turbochargers booth when they unveiled their impressive H3 Series Turbo 76/75. This latest turbocharger series introduces a new era in Harts Turbo performance, as it boasts cutting-edge technology that promises to redefine power and efficiency in the world of high horsepower and torque production.


Harts Turbo is well-known in the drag racing community, catering to a diverse range of vehicles, from diesel powerhouses to Ultra Street race builds.

The H3 Turbocharger

The H3 series is a true stand-out with its boreless compressor wheel that allows an impressive 30-percent increase in airflow, elevating efficiency and power. This turbocharger line also offers options between 76mm or 82mm compressor wheels and turbine wheel sizes ranging from 75mm to 85mm. Notably, Harts manufactures its billet compressor wheels and turbine wheels in-house, establishing their ideal level of precision and control over the process. The turbine wheels are designed with a stim hub for a 20 percent boost in exhaust flow, while a billet aluminum center section and backing plate further attest to Harts’ dedication to performance engineering.

On the left is the new H3 Series turbo 76/76, capable of producing 1,400 horsepower. On the right is the all-new Gen-2 Ultra Street turbo.

Central to the H3 Turbo is Harts’ proprietary Dual Angular Hydrodynamic Ceramic Ball Bearing System, a technological turbocharger marvel ensuring unparalleled efficiency, durability, and performance. With an impressive horsepower delivery rating of 1,400 horsepower, the H3 Series Turbo 76/75 isn’t just about promises, it’s about delivering exceptional power with unmatched efficiency.

Whether you're engaged in tractor pulls with triple compound turbos or drag racing, Harts Turbo has you covered.

Redefining Performance

Harts’ unveiling of the H3 Series Turbo 76/75 at PRI signifies a seismic shift in turbocharger technology, poised to redefine automotive performance. This innovation exemplifies Harts’ commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of automotive engineering.

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