King Bearings Announces Spring Rebate On Engine Bearings

Recently, King Engine Bearings announced a springtime rebate program, dubbed the “Experience the XPC Advantage” campaign.  The centerpiece of this campaign is King’s pMaxKote (XPC) coated performance bearings series. During the two-month duration of the campaign, customers can take advantage of a rebate of $10 for every $100 spent on qualifying pMaxKote (XPC) products by King Engine Bearings, up to a $300 total rebate.

“We are excited to make XPC bearings more accessible than ever before. Our commitment to delivering superior performance, coupled with enhanced affordability, underscores our dedication to serving the needs of automotive enthusiasts worldwide,” says Limor Karpatkin, Vice President of Sales at King Engine Bearings. The campaign will run from April 15th to June 15th, giving customers ample time to take advantage of this exclusive offer. To participate and claim their rebate, customers can visit for more information.

King’s line of XPC bearings features the pMaxKote polymer coating applied above the pMaxBlack overlay material, to increase fatigue resistance as well as resist seizure, cavitation, wear, and providing protection against oil starvation during marginal lubrication conditions. XPC bearings are designed for various automotive segments, including drag racing, circle track, time attack, sport compact, diesel performance, powersports, and more, making them a versatile choice for performance enthusiasts.

King Bearings pMaxKote XPC pMaxBlack

King Engine Bearings’ line of XPC series of bearings features pMaxBlack overlay with pMaxKote polymer coating.

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