Meziere Launches New LS Mechanical Standard Rotation Water Pump

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Meziere Enterprises, a leader in water pumps for high-performance vehicles, has unveiled its new LS Mechanical Standard Rotation Pump for race and street-driven automotive applications. This mechanical pump represents the latest addition to Meziere’s already impressive lineup and is specifically engineered to cater to the demands of LS-based powerplants.

“This latest pump is a mechanical solution that excels in drag-and-drive applications, as well as circle track and endurance, making it a perfect complement to our existing line of electric and mechanical pumps,” says Don Meziere.

Meziere Enterprises has set a new benchmark with the LS Mechanical Standard Rotation Pump, blending design, proven performance, and rigorous testing.

“When it comes to the performance and endurance of the product, nobody works harder and has the depth of experience we bring to the table. Both our electric and mechanical pumps undergo rigorous 100 percent testing before being boxed, ensuring that when you take it out of the box, you can be confident in the quality we deliver. The finish of the pumps, both inside and out, is second to none,” Meziere adds.

The LS Mechanical Standard Rotation Water Pump addresses a critical challenge faced by performance engines operating at higher RPM. Traditional cast pumps are prone to cavitation precisely when peak performance is essential, potentially causing coolant temperature spikes and risking damage to vital engine components. In response to this issue, Meziere Enterprises has introduced a robust solution designed for standard V-type, Gilmer, or Radiused Tooth HTD drive systems. The pump features a proven 4-inch swept vein impeller, ensuring exceptional flow across the entire RPM range. With a cavitation point surpassing comparable pumps, it excels in the most extreme applications, averting potential damage to engine components.

The LS Water Pump WP407 has a range of features and benefits, solidifying its position as the discerning enthusiast’s choice. Constructed entirely from billet material, it’s designed for durability and longevity. The high-flow, race-designed impeller ensures optimal coolant circulation, while the bearing and seal package, proven in the most extreme applications, offers reliability under the harshest conditions. The pump also features auxiliary ports to accommodate various needs, such as bypass, extra output lines, sensor connections, and more. An innovative modular top feature allows for easy integration with a variety of thermostat housings and hose connections, providing users with customization options tailored to individual preferences.

Meziere’s electric pumps carry an industry-leading two-year warranty and are proudly made in the USA.

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