BOOSTane Adds 99 Horsepower To ProCharged S550 Mustang

Let’s be honest here — all of us would love an additional 99 horsepower in, well, pretty much anything with wheels attached to it. One way to achieve horsepower gains relies on the fuel you put into your tank and the tuning. For those unfortunate enough to live in California, the maximum octane rating typically hovers near the 91 mark. So while the rest of the United States is enjoying our 93 octane at a fraction of the cost, Californians are being robbed of both their wallets and power. Fear not, though, as there is a solution on the market to address low octane ratings in boosted applications.

Octane Booster In A Can

We’ve all heard about octane boosters and their potential benefits for cars, but the actual results have never been clear or publicly demonstrated. Erik Radzins from ProCharger took it upon himself to investigate the gains achievable with a $29 can of BOOSTane Octane Engineering octane booster in a 2019 Mustang equipped with a ProCharger P1X kit and ProCharger tune. The outcome was a substantial 99 horsepower increase over the 91 fuel initially in the tank. Given Erik’s extensive experience in tuning cars, he knew that using 93 octane alone would only push the horsepower to around 640. However, with just one can of BOOSTane, the dyno figures soared from 619 to an impressive 720 horsepower. 

Now, I’m sure someone in the peanut gallery is going to shout “snake oil,” but it’s challenging to dismiss the evidence that Radzins presents with his dyno results. On a more personal note, EngineLabs’ Retro 5.0 engine has consistently experienced the benefits of adding BOOSTane. Although we have yet to release the dyno numbers, we share the same excitement about the gains we observed as Erik does.

BOOSTane For Everything

BOOSTane provides fuel additives, octane boosters, and even race fuels, with remarkable gains evident from their $29 bottles. Instead of navigating through various tunes recommended on the internet for your S550 Mustang, the reality is that all you need is a can of BOOSTane and let the tune and Ford’s octane adaptation ECU take care of the rest for a hassle-free increase in power.


Please note: The ratio used in this test yielded roughly 100 octane from 91 octane.  Which, with the ProCharger and aggressive stock tunes of Mustang, unlocked a significant amount of performance.  Be sure to consult the BOOSTane Mixing Chart and their Mixing Calculator to determine the correct octane and ratio to optimize your vehicle’s performance.

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