Rock Out With PROFORM’s Super-Street Chevy Aluminum Roller Rockers

A smooth valvetrain is an efficient valvetrain that’s ready to make some horsepower. OEM-style small block Chevy rocker arms aren’t super-efficient and can be a source of valvetrain friction. PROFORM’s Super-Street Chevy Aluminum Roller Rockers are a fresh take on performance-based rocker arms.

A good set of rocker arms will reduce the amount of wear the valve stem tips are exposed to. The Super-Street rocker arms use a dual-contoured design that creates a stronger rocker arm body. This enhanced strength-to-weight ratio creates greater valvetrain stability, an important factor in keeping the valvetrain happy in the higher RPM range of an engine. The bodies of the rocker arms were created using high-grade extrusion-based aluminum that’s very durable. These rocker arms are precision machined, so they have an accurate ratio and a high level of consistency.

PROFORM’s Super Street rocker arms use an internal oiling system to keep the oil flowing to the valvetrain. The rocker arms have been clearanced, which allows the to accept larger springs and retainers for high-performance applications. Each Super Street rocker arm is outfitted with full-cage needle bearings that reduce friction and have an upgraded trunnion. The 1.5 ratio rocker arms are designed to work with a 3/8-inch stud. PROFORM includes poly locks with each set of Super Street rocker arms.

If you’re looking to upgrade your small block Chevy’s roller rocker arms, you’ll want to check out the Super-Street Chevy Aluminum Roller Rockers from PROFORM. You can learn more about these rocker arms right here on PROFORM’s website.

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