PRI 2022: Wiseco And K1 Launch 7.3L Godzilla Rod/Piston Combo

Ford’s still relatively new 7.3-liter Godzilla engine has gained major momentum over the last year in the racing and high performance space, and that was highly evident at this year’s PRI Show, with components for these highly capable pushrod V8 engines being unveiled up and down the halls of the Indiana Convention Center. 

Race Winning Brands was among the manufacturers who made a strong splash in the Godzilla market, showing off its new Wiseco piston and K1 connecting rod pairing that will get racers and enthusiasts in the game with a Godzilla combo at a great price, ready to go, right out of the box.

Race Winning Brands has paired a forged Wiseco piston with high-quality wrist pins and performance rings sets with a 4340 H-beam K1 connecting rod with ARP2000 bolts and high-performance rod bearings for a formidable, and affordable, package.

“These rods are aimed to be a performance-capable part at a reasonable price. For people that don’t need the 2,000 horsepower capable part and don’t want to spend 2,000 horsepower money, it’s a solid H-beam rod, they’re all 4340 forged steel, so it’s a very capable part. And they all come standard with ARP hardware. They’re meant to come in at a sportsman racer-friendly price, but give you the great quality of a more expensive part.”

Bailey says this pairing is but an introduction to the forged piston and rods offerings to come from the sister manufacturers; the parent company of both Wiseco and K1, as well as JE Pistons, Boostline, Manley, and Diamond Pistons, Race Winning Brands is sure to be a top player as the Godzilla engine further permeates the sport in the years to come, just as the company has done with so many other popular engine platforms.

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