Summit Racing Launches MyGarage – A Social Platform For Gearheads

In today’s world, social media is as intertwined and connected to the day-to-day happenings of society as going to work or school. In the past, you needed to seek out message boards and online forums to find content tailored to your specific interests. Now though, all you have to do is perform a keyword search or scroll through your favorite social media platform and the algorithms will customize your feed. But what if there was an entire social platform geared towards the thing you’re interested in most? For us gearheads and automotive enthusiasts, Summit Racing Equipment has the answer, and it’s a new platform called MyGarage.


Summit Racing created MyGarage as a space for automotive enthusiasts to gather and talk shop, show off their projects and vehicles, and purchase parts from Summit’s extensive catalog. Once you create a profile you can begin customizing your SpeedFeed where you can share updates and ideas, start following like-minded enthusiasts to see their projects and builds, gain inspiration, and upload your photos and videos to share with others.

The platform is easy to navigate and find exactly what you want to see. After creating an account, I took MyGarage for a test drive and found that within a few minutes, things could be tailored to show me exactly the types of vehicles I’m interested in. There are already many members using MyGarage to share their vehicles and automotive projects. So chances are good that you can get some inspiration and ideas for your own project from the other members’ rides.


The home screen of your Garage account is fairly simple and laid out in a way that makes navigation easy.

Additionally, MyGarage has a wishlist feature that gives the user the ability to add products, parts, and components from the Summit Racing catalog to be ordered later. Within this feature, you can create multiple lists giving yourself the ability to plan out your build in groups or phases or have parts lists for multiple projects. Then simply add the parts to your cart and check out anytime you need an item from one of your lists for a project.

Summit Racing has done an excellent job with the MyGarage platform in creating another way for gearheads and enthusiasts to share the magic of the automobile, and that’s definitely a good thing. If you want to give MyGarage a try, head on over to Summit Racing.

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