Zero-Mile, New In Crate Since 1971 Ford Boss 302 Goes Up For Sale

It’s a well-known fact that Facebook likes to tailor content to preferences of the user, often keeping me glued to my screen until I’m deep into double-digit screen time. However, occasionally, Facebook gets it right and presents me with something — budget aside — that I would absolutely love to have! This time around it’s a new-in-crate BOSS 302 that resides in the original purchaser’s amazing workshop in Vancouver, Washington since 1971.

BOSS 302

Aldridge Motorsports And Engineering

Inside the confines of the Aldridge facility resembles what Ford dreams are made of. In the forefront are engines such as the 427 and BOSS 429, nicely placed on engine stands. The blue pegboard wall holds all the commonly needed hot-rod engine parts. What went away from the hot rod community remains strong at Aldridge Motorsports and Engineering, showcasing what the former hot rod shops resembled. However, it’s not the shop’s cleanliness nor the variety of classic hot rod engines that caught us off guard, but rather something that has never been touched or built by anyone since it left the Ford factory, remaining in its original wooden enclosure since its purchase.

Inside the wooden shipping container lies a Ford BOSS 302 engine. Aldridge purchased the engine from a dealership in Vancouver, Washington, on July 23rd, 1971. The list was price was a measly $1,175! Since its delivery, it has remained unused, patiently waiting for its moment to shine. Now, if you’re willing to part with a cool $50,000, you can make this engine the centerpiece of your garage or perhaps even dare to bring it to life on the road. 

 BOSS 302

Rare Opportunity

This presents a rare opportunity, as unused vintage engines are rarely available for sale. Though it’s not an exact comparison, it’s worth noting that a previous zero-mile Ford engine of similar vintage fetched $120,000! Consider this not only as an investment opportunity but also as a valuable asset to keep you cruising down the road, especially in uncertain times.

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