Nitrous Outlet Has An Accessory Bundle That Nitrous Users Will Love

Nitrous systems have evolved a great deal over the last several decades. Today, nitrous systems come in the form of a plate, spray bars in the intake, or any number of nozzles from one to 24 or more. Evolving right alongside the systems themselves have been the number of accessories that help to control the system better or make the system safer for the user. It can be somewhat confusing when deciding which accessories you need and don’t need to help your nitrous system perform optimally. Nitrous Outlet, a leader in automotive nitrous systems, is helping make that decision easier by offering the Ultimate Nitrous Accessory Package.

Now it would be easy for a company to simply go through its catalog and put a bunch of components together, but Nitrous Outlet has bundled the most commonly requested accessories to create the Ultimate Accessory Package. Let’s start with the components in this package that make your nitrous system safer. There is an NHRA-approved blow-off fitting and 180-degree blow-down tube in case the bottle exceeds a safe pressure and ruptures the burst disc the nitrous can be relieved outside the vehicle. The package also includes a fuel pressure safety switch. This switch comes in either 1.5psi to 20psi for carbureted combinations or 20psi to 120psi for EFI combinations. The fuel pressure safety switch can save your engine from catastrophic damage in the event of a fuel system issue.

To give you better control of your nitrous system, the Ultimate Accessory Package includes a complete purge kit, glow-in-the-dark nitrous pressure gauge, a heated pressure-controlled bottle bracket, and a cleanable inline nitrous filter. Additionally, the highlight of the Ultimate Accessory Package is that it can be ordered to include Nitrous Outlet’s WinMax electronic window switch or ProMax progressive nitrous controller.


The WinMax is an RPM-based window switch that is triggered by the throttle position sensor (TPS). It features a backlit LCD display and LED indicators for high visibility regardless of available lighting. The WinMax can control single or dual-stage nitrous systems and single or dual-trigger outputs for activating external timing retards modules. It can be triggered by either a rising or falling TPS signal, and on/off RPM inputs can be configured to control the window of operation for the nitrous system. The WinMax works with one- to 12-cylinder four-stroke engines that use either a distributor or coil on plug/coil near plug ignition system. Additionally, it features a programmable shift light as well as up to three programmable gear lockouts.


If you want even more control of your nitrous system, then order your Ultimate Accessory Package with the ProMax progressive nitrous controller. The ProMax is packed full of features and capabilities that put you in total control of your nitrous system. To start, it has two built-in 70-amp solenoid drivers that can control two stages independently, or it can be configured for closed-loop fuel control based on wideband O2 input with nitrous control on one output and fuel control on the second output. The ProMax also has inputs for vehicle speed, trans brake, manifold absolute pressure (MAP), two wideband O2 sensors, two nitrous pressure sensors, and one fuel pressure sensor.


Additional features of the ProMax progressive controller include the ability to adjust the solenoid duty cycle as a function of time, throttle percent (TPS), engine RPM, vehicle speed, or manifold pressure (MAP). It also has built-in data-logging capabilities and uses a USB port to connect to your PC/laptop for downloading/viewing data logs and for tuning purposes. The ProMax can store up to five separate tunes so you can easily switch between tunes based on racing conditions, and with the optional LCD screen, you can adjust your tuneup and view the data logs from within the vehicle.

If you are purchasing a nitrous system or you already have a system and want to expand on the safety and control of your nitrous system, give the Ultimate Accessory Package your consideration. Nitrous Outlet has done a great job of bringing all the most commonly needed accessories together into one complete bundle so you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out which accessories to buy. For more information on the Ultimate Accessory Package visit Nitrous Outlet here.

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