SEMA 2023: Haltech’s Nexus Rebel LS ECU Makes LS Swaps Even Easier

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, people will swap an LS engine into anything. GM’s modern classic engine is packaged perfectly to fit into the smallest of engine bays and can generate wild amounts of horsepower. Haltech is making it even easier to LS swap the world with hits new Nexus Rebel LS standalone ECU system.

The Nexus Rebel LS isn’t a reheated product, this ECU is totally fresh and designed to make getting an LS-swapped vehicle running simple. You can run both Gen III and Gen IV LS engines with the Nexus Rebel LS right out of the box. The wiring harness will work with all major LS engine variants, and can be easily modified to work with your specific application. All of Haltech’s dashes, PDMs, sensors, and other accessories will work with the Nexus Rebel LS ECU.

The Haltech Connect App is another new feature of the Nexus Rebel LS ECU. Andrew DiMartino from Haltech explains how the app makes getting your LS-swapped vehicle started a breeze.

“We wanted to take your typical user interface and make it better. The Haltech Connect App makes it easy to get your vehicle started for the first time and make adjustments as needed. There are partial maps built into the app that make starting the engine easier. This is all done wirelessly, so you don’t even have to connect your ECU to a computer when you’re trying to get it started the first time.”

Haltech has several packages available for the Nexus Rebel LS that come with a wiring harness and are configured for different LS engines. You can learn more about the Nexus Rebel LS ECU right here.

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