SEMA 2023: Kook’s 2024 Mustang GT Stainless Long-Tube Headers

With the 2024 Mustang only recently hitting the streets, and a significant number of changes to the Gen-4 Coyote engine under the hood, there has been a learning curve for aftermarket companies to manufacture products for the new application. Kooks Custom Headers is ahead of that curve, significantly, as evidenced by their 2024 Mustang GT long tube headers on display at the 2023 SEMA Show.

“If you’ve got a 2024 Mustang, these are the only headers I know of that will fit without any manipulation of the factory heads or wiring harness,” says Tyler Sandahl of Kooks Custom Headers. “These are 1-7/8-inch by 3-inch long-tube headers with our green cat connections. They are made entirely from 304 stainless mandrel-bent tubing and have 3/8-inch-thick flanges to prevent warping.” Additionally, Sandahl points out that the flanges feature a dual bolt pattern to bolt to any generation of Coyote, Predator, and Voodoo engines.

Kooks 2024 Mustang GT Headers

Kook’s dual-bolt-pattern flange allows the headers to fit any generation of Coyote, Predator, and Voodoo engines.

Designing a new production header is no small feat, so to have accomplished it in such a short time is all the more impressive. We spend a lot of time laying out the header design, not only to make sure the tube lengths are as equal as possible, but to ensure the amount of bends in each pipe is balanced to provide equal flow,” Sandahl explains. “The collectors use the patented Kook’s scavenging spike to help pull more exhaust out of the cylinder, allowing more airflow into the cylinder, to ultimately make more horsepower.”

In addition to being the first to the market, the Kooks 2024 Mustang GT headers also received a SEMA Global Media Award here at the 2023 SEMA Show. Not a bad week for both Kook’s and 2024 Mustang GT owners alike.

Kooks also has a set of its Green Cats that will bolt right up to the new long-tube headers, for those who need to run catalytic converters.

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