PRI 2022: Melling Keeps You Running On All Cylinders With MDS Delete

Manufacturers are trying all sorts of ways to meet EPA regulations, but arguably, not all efforts have enthusiasts in mind. Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System deactivates certain cylinders in an attempt to use less fuel. What it effectively does is render a V8 engine less efficient. The systems needed to make the swap between running on four or eight cylinders must all be working properly for the system to benefit fuel economy.

Engines with MDS have been frequented with issues such as lifter failure, misfire codes, or valvetrain noise caused by failure of the MDS system. When installing an MDS-delete cam, the OEM lifters must be replaced using non-MDS lifters. The valve lifter trays used in non-MDS engines differ from those used in Active Fuel Management Engines and must be replaced when installing the non-Active Fuel Management lifters.

Chrysler MDS-delete kit

Melling’s MDS-delete kit includes all the hardware needed, including a camshaft, non-MDS lifters, lifter trays, and plugs to replace the MDS solenoids.

This MDS delete kit from Melling replaces most of the hard parts associated with the MDS system in GEN-III Hemi engines. The kit features an OEM-quality, non-MDS camshaft, a complete set of non-MDS lifters and lifter trays, and a set of MDS block-off plugs to seal the areas from where the MDS solenoids were removed. Melling also offers Stage-I and Stage-II camshafts (both offered with or without variable-valve timing) that can be used in the MDS-delete kit for even more performance potential. All Melling components are developed, engineered, tested, and manufactured with the highest standards for quality and materials.

Installation of the Melling MDS delete kit requires re-programming the vehicle’s ECU to turn off the MDS system in the vehicle’s operating software. For more information, contact a customer service representative by calling (517) 787-8172 (X-2601) or on the company’s website. You can also use this PARTS LOOKUP to find the correct parts for your application online.

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