Moroso Introduces A Pair Of Dry Sump HEMI Oil Pans

When you’re really pushing an engine hard, proper lubrication becomes vitally important. You’ll find that many high-horsepower engines use a dry sump oil system, and those require a special oil pan. Moroso has developed a pair of new dry sump oil pains for HEMI-based engines that will keep any elephant engine lubricated.

Dry sump oil pans have built-in pickups so the oil can be moved from the oil tank to the pan via an external oil pump so the engine can be lubricated. Moroso developed its HEMI dry sump oil pans to provide users with more control over how the oil flows and oil scavenging. The oil pan will work with most popular aftermarket HEMI blocks, including units from Keith Black, JP-1, and BAE.

Moroso’s Brett Corriveau explains how these oil pans will help a HEMI get plenty of lubrication.

“Since these pans have three or four pickups available to scavenge oil, they allow for more oil to be scavenged and recirculated throughout the system than a single -16AN or -20AN pickup alone. This is critical for engines that generate heavy amounts of boost and require even more gallon-per-minute (GPM) of flow from their oiling system. Integrated partitions in the oil collection trough also help direct oil flow to each pickup.”

The Morso pans use a billet aluminum rail with steel inserts for extra durability. Each pan has female AN pickups so racers can decide which fitting they want to use to make plumbing the oiling system easier. This fitting system also makes it easier to swap fittings out if one becomes damaged. Both pans are fully fabricated from aluminum with -16AN female pickups, billet machined rails with pressed-in steel inserts for a precise fit, and partitions between each scavenge pickup. Both pans measure 3.625 inches deep in front, and 5 inches deep in the rear.

You can learn more about these new HEMI dry sump oil pans right here on Moroso’s website.

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