Watch A Steve Morris Built 1,200 Horsepower SN95 Hit The Hub Dyno

Steve Morris is known for building some incredible high-horsepower Ford engines. We’ve seen 3,000 horsepower big-blocks and 2,500 horsepower small-block combinations erupting from his shop dyno. While these amazing builds focus on drag racing and extreme horsepower applications, his son Kyle wanted a more street-friendly setup that could be used as a driver and still break into the 7- second 1/4-mile time slip range. For this, Kyle decided on a twin-turbo small-block Ford for his 1996 Mustang.

The SN95 came to the Morris family when Kyle was only 10 years old through his grandfather. Since then the car has gradually trickled down the family tree until arriving into the hands of a Kyle. Two years ago on an antiquated setup he was able to knock down the 9-second barrier. Fast forward two years and the new build is finished up and hitting the hub dyno.


Naturally, a Steve Morris-built engine resides between the strut towers, but this one features a Dart block with Trick Flow High-port heads. Internally a custom grind cam with solid rollers actuates the valves. The main attraction to the Mustang’s engine bay is a pair of 75mm billet wheel turbos from Bullseye Power. The car sports TurboSmart blow-off valves and wastegates and is controlled through a Holley Dominator EFI.

The chassis has also seen revisions since its debut at the drag strip two years ago. The chassis is now 25.3 SFI certified and features mini tubs and Team Z tubular control arms and K-member. A Moser M9 has found its way into the rear of the car and all 1,200 horsepower from the engine are transmitted through a K&M TH400. The temporary driveshaft spoken about in the video has now been replaced with a PST carbon fiber driveshaft to hold the power without fear of breaking.

As Steve passes on knowledge to his son, it’s great to see the younger Morris taking on the trade and building some extremely nice machinery. So, sit back and listen to the sounds of this small-block Ford on the hub dyno. We look forward to seeing this combination hitting the street in the near future!


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