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Since 1981, Canton Racing Products has been building oil pans, oiling system components, as well as cooling systems and engine components. Today besides being known for its oil pans, the Accusump engine pre-oiler has become one of the company’s hallmark products.

With a desire to do more than just sell a product, Canton has invested significant resources in educating its customers about the tech behind the products they sell, as well as the systems they address as a whole. Besides their product tech guides, solution guides, and blog posts, they’ve never shied away from diving deep into any subject we’ve brought to them.

Now, we want to give you, the readers, a chance to ask Canton your questions about oiling and cooling system components, directly. They’ve made their Sales and Marketing Manager, Iann Criscuolo available to us to answer your questions. From Formula 1 to Formula Drift, Criscuolo loves things that spin high and go fast. Our tech calls usually wander to Criscuolo’s project car, a badass E46 BMW 330i, and its progress.

His experience with motorsports and within the company makes him a wealth of knowledge, even when we ask off-the-wall questions or have ideas of questionable sanity. So, spool up your questions and send them to us at and we’ll get them sent over to Criscuolo. Make sure to act fast, since our submission window will only be 30-days long, with a deadline of June 24, 2022

Whether you're interested in oiling systems or cooling systems, Canton will have an answer for your question. On the left is one of the company's road race trap door baffling systems for an oil pan. On the right is an all-in-one coolant expansion and recovery tank setup.

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