Snow Performance Offers New Billet Fuel Rail Kit for Fast LSXR


Snow Performance, the water methanol injection side of Wichita Falls, Texas performance powerhouse, Nitrous Express, has just come out with a billet fuel rail kit for people packing LSXR, LS1, and LS3 intake manifold configurations. But this is not your average fuel rail either, as these unassuming bars of anodized metal offer some seriously slick performance tricks.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Snow Performance, this fueling and methanol side of Nitrous Express has been collaborating with its parent company on projects long before its acquisition in 2018. The merger has proved to be a wise decision too, as it has allowed both brand names the ability to offer customers “…the highest quality and best performing nitrous and water methanol products available.”

While a multitude of unique offerings have emerged bearing branding from each name over the years, this latest product launch is easily one of the more practical applications we’ve seen in recent memory, and here’s why…

Designed and manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials available, the Snow Performance Billet Fuel Rail Kits seen here are specifically engineered to take Fast LSXR intakes with LS1 or LS3 injectors and give them a whole new level of performance.

Meticulously CNC machined for flawless fitment, and anodized in a sleek black finish for appeal and protection, each Snow Performance fuel rail kit comes with its own stainless steel mounting brackets for unsurpassed stability and resilience. This is especially important in race applications, where high-pressure conditions tend to force the fueling system to transfer as much go-juice as mechanically possible to the rails prior to spraying the combustion chamber.

Cody Sprague, Marketing Manager of Snow Performance said, “Billet aluminum rails, anodized black, stainless mounting brackets, ports for gauges, or other accessories, these things combined are what make these the best looking and most durable fuel rails on the market!”

But perhaps an even more impressive perk than these LSX fuel rail kits from Nitrous Express/Snow Performance packs is the series of -8AN ORB fittings that come affixed to each unit. These simple, yet extremely useful additions allow ample room for the use of various inlet and outlet solutions, without running the risk of fuel leaks or flow restrictions from mismatched fittings.

An example of a freshly installed Snow Performance LS fuel rail. Photo Credit: Snow Performance/Facebook

An example of a freshly installed Snow Performance LS fuel rail.

Each fuel rail also comes outfitted with not one, but two 1/8-inch NPT ports, for those looking to run pressure gauges, digital sensors, or additional fuel fittings. This last consideration also allows fans of laughing gas to force-feed a nitrous system, all without having to fiddle with things like adapters and whatnot.

Snow Performance Fast LSXR Billet Fuel Rail Kit

  • Two Billet Fuel Rails
  • Four 1/8-inch NPT Plugs
  • Four 8AN Inlet/Outlet Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets for LS1 factory height injectors (60mm) *

* Non-stock height injectors can be used in conjunction with Snow Performance’s adapter fuel rail brackets and injector spacers, both of which are sold separately.

As far as pricing is concerned, figures on Nitrous Express’ website show that each of these kits comes in at a pleasant price point. Things start off at $262.49 per kit for the LSXR intake manifold option, with LS1 manifolds receiving a $299 bill, while a $314.99 total is reserved for those packing LS3 power. That’s not bad at all considering what all you get with each kit, making these fuel rail upgrades from Nitrous Express and Snow Performance one of the best fueling upgrades we’ve seen in quite some time.

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