Building the best possible race or high-performance engine requires the use of quality parts that will work together to make power while maintaining reliability under the stress they’re exposed to. A key area where superior parts are required is the valvetrain, where the mechanical abuse can become intense and break parts. Erson Cams has developed valvetrain components that can withstand the rigors of just about any high-performance or race application you dream up with ease.


There are numerous stresses that the valvetrain of an engine is exposed to that could cause a failure of some kind. The pushrods can be a challenging area to get a rigid enough unit in due to clearance issues, but according to Erson’s Jack McInnis they have a solution to that problem.

“Erson Cams offers a Professional Series 5/16-inch diameter pushrod with a .120-inch wall thickness which was developed for Windsor-style heads, and works very well for small-block Chevy and other applications. Typical 5/16-inch diameter racing pushrods have had .060-inch or .080-inch wall thicknesses in the past, so the increase to .120-inch with our Professional Series pushrods really helps to limit deflection and maintain good valvetrain geometry.”

Erson also addresses the issues of lifter failure with the Professional-Series bushed roller lifters. These lifters are more durable than your typical roller bearing lifters because they eliminate the needle bearings that can fracture, sending metal into the oil and damaging the engine. Erson offers an even more heavy-duty roller lifter with their Black Magic units that have a diamond-like coating on the lifter body for reduced friction, and run the roller in an oil wedge with a special alloy large diameter axle design.


To help keep the correct pressure on the valvetrain Erson designed their FSP Springs to work with multiple applications.

“These springs are specially formed with a structural process that provides the highest levels of performance and durability to date by any steel spring. FSP Springs use super-clean, ultra-strong, specially blended steel alloy of the highest quality to provide longer life for maximum value” McInnis explains.

If you’re looking to beef up your valvetrain check out the Erson Cams website to see all the solutions they offer to keep your motor happy and healthy.