PRI 2016: Moroso Gen V LT1 Swap Oil Pan & Other Upgrades


This year Moroso packed literally thousands of horsepower into its booth at the PRI Show in the Indianapolis Convention Center. Casually strolling passed the 4,000hp DiSomma Racing Engines billet Hemi, Vengeance Racing’s F-1X ProCharged LT4 is literally magnetic to any late model GM fan. This stout setup is packing a bit of billet aluminum of its own, including a custom set of valve covers made by Moroso. For Vengeance, these valve covers are painted wrinkle black and machined with their logo. However, 1.5-inch raised covers are available to the general public in the standard machined finish with the Moroso logo and anodized black fill cap.

The impetus for the clear view of these handsome LT1/LT4 valvecovers, though, is a set of coil relocation brackets (PN 72398) with Moroso’s heavy-duty race coils (PN 5025). Both, believe it or not, can also be used on LS engines. Custom Ultra 40 wires carry the charge to the spark plugs, which are sleeved, cut to length to match the relocation brackets and also adorn the Vengeance logo. The ability to personalize Moroso’s products can help shops go the extra mile to brand one of their builds.

However, the real story is what is going on underneath all of this matte black and machined aluminum. Moroso’s LT1 baffled swap oil pan (PN 20155) was designed off its LS swap pan to fit many popular retrofits such as the Chevy II and G-body, and uses a fabricated aluminum design. “It has a special O-ring for the pickup. There’s a full billet end-seal. Of course it has a billet adapter for the spin-on oil filter,” stated Marketing & New Product Manager, Thor Schroeder. “It’s a rear sump, swap type pan for close headers and the street/strip type guy.”

The oil pan is sealed up with a Moroso race oil filter (PN 22463), rated to 27 microns. These filters prevent the pressure from dropping more than 2.5 psi – ideal for less oil bypass and better filtration.

If these products get you excited, Moroso also had over 23 new products on an LS display engine – from billet valve covers to a baffled oil pan, oil pump, alternator bracket, drive kit, electric water pump, and swap motor mounts.


What got us most excited is the LS/LT specific balancer install and removal kit. “One kit will do the LS and LT. The other ones don’t do both, but we were able to make one that works on both,” said Thor. “And then we sell an adapter kit for someone who already has one of our Moroso kits for the conventional small-block or big-block.”

The best part of all these killer new LT and LS products is that they are available now. Not “sometime next year.” Now. Stay tuned for more street/strip, road race and hardcore drag racing parts from Moroso!

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