SEMA 2017: Howards Cams Unveils Billet Reaper Crankshafts

Howard's Reaper Big-Block Crankshaft

In the hustle and bustle of SEMA, it’s easy for amazing components to go unmarked. That’s just the nature of the beast, but that’s where we step in and do our best to bring you some of the most revolutionary updates from throughout the show. Even if you had the privilege of going, it’s still hard to see it all. Luckily we have a team to do the heavy lifting for you and that’s how we came across Howards Cams and Racing Components’ new line of Reaper crankshafts and got word that they will now be producing boost-specific camshafts for LS engines.

In case you are unaware, Howards has been producing high-quality camshafts and engine components for decades now and are one of the most trusted brands in the industry. While the all-billet Reaper crankshaft is a first for the company, you can rest assured that they come backed by the same great design and support as any of their other components.

The new Reaper crankshaft is endowed with greater strength due to its uniform and non-stress grain structure, making it capable of withstanding insane power levels. Produced from E4330 AQ bar stock, they are then precision CNC machined to exacting specifications. All rod journals have been lightened and every Reaper crank arrives stress relieved and shot peened. To add to the crank’s durability, they are also nitrided for superior wear characteristics and all rotating surfaces have been micropolished.

The cranks are currently available only for big-block Chevrolets, though Howards is working quickly to expand the line to include other marques as well as small-block and LS applications. However, if you’re looking for an extremely capable crankshaft for minimal coin, you need to take a look at Howards Racing Components’ Reaper. 

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